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Seo Audit Services

If your company interested in seo Analysis, We will happily give a comprehensive seo audit services free of charge before giving you a proposal. The search engines use hundreds of factors to determine which site will rank the highest for specific keywords, Google has over 200 rankings factors alone.

Investing in SEO is one thing but tracking your progress and ensuring that each of the strategies you invest in is being effective is another. Are you getting desired results from your search engine optimization efforts? If your answer is negative then you need to find out what's going on and the only possible way to get accurate answers is by performing a comprehensive SEO analysis.
At SEO network, we have a group of experts who will take all factors into account and come up with a comprehensive report on the flawed areas and what you should do to get back or improve your position on the search engine rankings. Below are some of the factors we look at during an SEO site audit.

The five important ranking factors that we include in our SEO audit services Below are some of the factors we look at during an SEO site audit:

1. Code Optimization (seo Audit of your website ) – After achieving web presence, one of the things which should concern you is how friendly your new website is to search engines. For instance, some elements like media and banners would make your site unfriendly to the search engines if built inappropriately. Some other aspects like the speed at which your page loads might also affect how you rank on the World Wide Web. Our job is to hunt for these flaws in an attempt to help you make the best from your online venture.
Some of these code elements that we will look at in your SEO Audit Service include:

  • Page titles
  • META tags
  • Headings tags
  • Robots.txt
  • Use of JavaScript and CSS
  • Page speed

2. Website Architecture – In seo site analysis, it is always important to have a look at the general structure of the website. For instance, is internal linking effective in such a way which makes it easy for the search engines to rank your content and pages? After completing seo site audit, we will propose the best ways to interlink the pages on your website.

  • URL Canonicalization and Internal linking
  • URL structure and Link navigation
  • XML sitemap and user sitemaps

3. Website content ( Website Content Audit) - Search engines use website content as a major ranking factor. Recent updates on algorithms require you to generate readable content with appropriate keywords if you hope to gain a higher rank. At SEO network, we will provide you with guidelines and suggestions which will help you modify or entirely recreate your content if it happens to be a baring factor.

  • Quantity of content
  • Quality of content

4. Link Popularity - Do you invest in good link building strategies? If not, it will be pointed from our free seo analysis. However, it will not only be pointed out but we will also embark on reliable and effective link building strategies to help you rank on top for a certain keyword. Remember link popularity is a major determinant of what position you rank on search engines. To help you keep pace with your competitors, we select website which will provide quality links pointing back to yours.

5. Social Media Integration – At SEO Audit Los Angeles, we do as much as we can to keep abreast with emergent online marketing trends. Currently, social media networks have become a gold mine for online entrepreneurs considering the number of people and prospects who frequent these websites daily. We do not want you to lose your piece of cake and will therefore help you with social media integration for a higher conversion rate and overall brand promotion. If you want to benefit and realize better profits, get a free quote from us.

You can Call and speak with a seo Analysis Consultant today at (424) 666-1SEO and find out about our seo audit services now!

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What is an Seo Audit Services?

With an seo Audit, we start with keyword research to assure that the site will be focused on keywords that will drive the most traffic that is interested in what the site offers.
We then do a thorough review of the website to make sure that it complies with the all of the current search engine Webmaster Guidelines. The website is then reviewed for elements that affect search engine rankings, but may be missing or not applied optimally.
All of are findings are combined into an seo Audit Report that points out the areas of concern, as well as documents the recommended changes that should be made. The idea with the seo Audit Report is to provide solutions for problems and deficiencies. It is not simply a list a problems.

How important is a top ranking position?

Put it this way, in today’s competitive Internet marketplace, there are typically a minimum of tens of thousands of web pages competing for each and every search phrase. For some highly competitive search phrases, there are over 100 million pages competing for the to 30 positions. If your website does not rank in a top 30 position in Google, it is probably not receiving very much traffic. This is because psychologically most users have a three-page limit for searches. If they do not find what they are looking for by the third page of search results, they start over with a new search.